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In Southern Brazil, in the State of Santa Catarina, in CAÇADOR, are the headquarters of FRAMEPORT group, one of the most innovative and experienced manufacturers of Doors in Latin America, established in 1979. FRAME MADEIRAS ESPECIAIS LTDA and JULIANA FLORESTAL LTDA come together to form the industrial group FRAMEPORT, symbol of quality in Wooden D...


Juliana Florestal

Among a variety of alternatives, the related company JULIANA FLORESTAL LTDA. (IMA-FM/COC-000130), the first certified company by FSC® - Forest Ste...

Technological Resources

To better serve customers, “FRAMEPORT” Group runs efficiently a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, with the help of the highest technolog...

Frame Madeiras Especiais Ltda
55(49) 3561-6600 |
Rua Luiz Caetano Francio, 475 - Figueroa
89503-220 - Caçador - SC - Brazil